Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 14 and next weeks Menu Plan

Two weeks ago today we began this journey. The last time I talked with you I had two kiddos who were floundering. But we have talked and re-grouped. We are going to continue until May 13th, as previously planned. I think they just needed to eat a couple things they were missing. Now we are fired us to go to the end.

I am still not seeing any of the great benefits that were promised. I might have a bit of a smaller stomach. It is hard to tell. I won't weight myself until the end. I miss, miss, miss my French Vanilla Cream. But I am thinking, after the Whole 30, we will continue with Paleo. Paleo, my way! That is with French Vanilla creamer in my coffee!

The kids are in love with my Fritatta recipe. I will share it with you this week!! They want to eat it everyday. And Paige wants me to make it on the weekend. So it is a winner!

Menu Plan for May 2-8 


Brunch-Hamburger Sweet Potato Hash

Dinner-Salad greens with Chicken, pistachios


Breakfast-Fritatta and Strawberries

Lunch-Meatball subs, Cucumber slices, Almonds

Dinner-Steak, roasted potatoes, asparagus


Breakfast-Fritatta and Berries

Lunch-Salads with chicken and eggs on top

Dinner-Bacon and fried eggs with melon


Breakfast-Fritatta and banana

Lunch-Vegetable Soup

Dinner-Elvis Burgers, roasted sweet potatoes


Breakfast-Fritatta and Orange Juice

Lunch-Taco Salad

Dinner-Hamburger Steak and eggs


Brunch-Scrambled eggs and sausage

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with tomato sauce


Brunch: Fritatta with hash browns & Berries

Dinner: Leaving this one open for now!!


  1. I like how you are going to continue on after the 30 days is over, but modify it accordingly :)


    1. Yep. I think it is a beneficial way to live. But we will be adding back some dairy. And slip in a treat with sugar now and again.