Monday, April 18, 2016

Day One-Our thoughts!!

Day one is almost in the history books!! Of course it wasn't really challenging yet. 

Darian and Harley usually eat at school for both breakfast and lunch. Today they ate breakfast at home and packed their lunch for school. Harley said that she was really, really hungry by the time lunch came around. And that her lunch tasted fantastic. Darian said he didn't notice anything unusual. Doesn't that sound just like a man??

I don't get up early in the mornings so I ate my breakfast closer to noon and didn't have the lunch. Sometimes I will probably eat the lunch for breakfast and skip the breakfast. Maybe if I start getting up earlier in the day I'll get back on a 3 meal a day routine. But for now this works!

Years ago, when eating avocados first came into fashion in my part of the world (in the 1970's) I ate them several times. And every time I got sick. Like in vomiting type sick. So, I stayed away from avocados. Recently I have been having tiny tastes of guacamole or a bite of avocado when the kids would have some. Not sick!! So I didn't think a thing of having a slice of avocado with my frittata this morning. Until about an hour later. Then I was sick! I am truly giving up avocados for good now. How many times do you have to kick an old mule in the head to give them some sense??

Supper with the spaghetti sauce and spaghetti squash was delicious. We each ate a half of squash and that is a lot!! I was stuffed to the gills. Have you ever eaten spaghetti squash? We used to serve it to the elders at the nursing home. They loved it! I have never made my own sauce either. Always bought it in the jar and spiced it up with extras. This recipe was very good! And makes a lot. 

Looking over the menu for the rest of the week: I am going to move meals around a bit. Didn't notice how many times I was serving chicken so close together. And Harley says she isn't eating fish twice in one day!! LOL

On to day Two!!


  1. Except for the avocados, I'm chalking day 1 as a success! I haven't had spaghetti squash; I will have to try it soon!


    1. I'm counting it as a success too. I was starving at bedtime last night but was able to eat a salad and some carrots sticks and be okay with that!!