Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Moving Right Along to Step Four

Step four is all about rounding up the support troops. This would be hard if I were trying to do it alone. Darian and Harley are thinking it is going to be a good thing. They know that we will get more energy, clearer skin, sleep better at night, and maybe even shed some pounds. All things that we, as a family, have decided we want.

When I am ready to start I plan to subscribe to the Whole 30 daily newsletter. This is NOT free, it costs $14.95. But I believe it will be worthwhile. For 31 days they will deliver a daily newspaper to my inbox to cheer me on. To support us and guide us and give us tough love when we need it. I won't sign up yet. But I will just before our start date!! You can go here if you'd like to see a sample of the Whole 30 Daily.

I have already signed up for the Whole 30 forum, which is free! I haven't started participating yet. But I will.
  It will be there I can ask questions, get the answers, and support that we will need!  I have "liked" their Facebook page and am already getting news in my daily newsfeed. I think it is possible that I might follow on Instagram because I hear they have some awesome pictures of wonderful meals!

And you, my dear friends and readers are invited to cheer us on too!


  1. Of course I'll cheer you on! I think you are going about the right way to get the support you need and to be connected with their sites!


  2. Thank you Betty!! I am hoping that by doing all this prep-work we will be more successful!!