Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cleaning out the Bad Stuff

Planning and preparation will make this a bit easier to do. I am not kidding myself here. Giving up sour cream, butter, cheese and bread will not be easy! But in the long run we will know what is making us feel sluggish. What is causing our skin to break out. And what keeps us awake at night. So this next step is crucial to our success.

It is time to rid the house of all the things that aren't on the plan. I am not buying some of those things now, in the weeks leading up to our change-over. So that will make this step a bit easier. I have a box set aside to fill with cans and boxes of things in the pantry that will be donated to our local food bank. Leftover, open, crackers, chips, cookies, will go out into the yard for the critters that fly and scamper on the ground. The birds and the squirrels will love this part! Probably so will the opossum and our new friend, Randy Raccoon that I have seen visiting in the past couple days.

During this step I am also going to plan at least a week's worth of meals. The kids will be taking their lunches and
Whole 30 lunches
eating breakfast at home. I will plan for that too! To start with we are just going to do the easy thing....meat, fish, chicken, eggs along with vegetables and salad. Fruit for dessert if we feel we need that. I have some ideas in my head for some healthy snacks if we feel we need them.

I am hungry just typing all this. And there's some left-over ice cream that needs eating.


  1. Might as well get to the ice cream :) Can't let that go bad :) I remember when we lived in San Diego and there was a power outage for the whole area for up to 12 hours at some places, we had ice cream in the freezer. It went bad since it was a hot summer day on top of the electricity being out. The next time we agreed if we had a power outage, the first thing we were going for was the ice cream :)

    You have a great system to purge that which shouldn't be on the new eating plan and a good system on how to prepare food for it when you begin it next month.


  2. WE just can let ice cream go to waste. LOL! Truth be told, I am really not a big ice cream eater. I am much more into chips and cheese!

  3. Oh yes - chips and salsa for me -I make a restaurant-style salsa that is pretty danged good, and a guacamole - just an excuse to eat tortilla chips, I'm afraid -

    1. Chips is my weakness too! But I like sour cream with mine